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Rory's Journey

Rory, Tuxedo Cat, battles forepaw tumor with amputation

Rory's Journey

Day 19. Photo of how I am healing up.

February 27th, 2015 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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Amputation, forelimb, feline

I am doing pretty well. There’s a flap of skin that hangs down and I don’t like it, but.

One of the things I appreciate is that I’m alive.  I can move around pretty well.  I can even sometimes work it up onto mom’s lap.  I’ve done this twice so far.  She puts me down on the floor when I get squirmy, however.  I haven’t quite done that on my own, yet.  Then again, she hasn’t waited for me to finally DO it.

I do want to say my sorrowful regards to a canine named Wilbur, who passed earlier this week after a tragic accident.

Wilbur was a heartfelt companion to mom’s sister-in-law, and was a boxer-pit bull mix.  There was a break in the electric fence (all this snow…) and he got out onto the very-near train tracks.  He was one of those dogs my mom actively loved.  And his more immediate family — several states away from here, so I never met him — are very devastated.

R.I.P., Wilbur.

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3 Comments so far ↓

  • rica55

    RORY! YOU ARE LOOKING QUITE HANDSOME INDEED! Jill is just staring at the screen!!!!!!!! Don’t worry about the jumping, you’ll get the hang of it
    I’m sorry to hear about Wilbur 🙁

  • benny55

    So sorry to hear about Wilbur…love the name…sounds like it just fits him so well!! I know it’s a shock and so hard, but Wilbur was on an adventure in Wilbur’s mind and he was having a blast! Sometimes I tell myself when unexpected tragedies like this happen and take us to our knees, that they left their earth clothes because their was some lurking illness or disease and they just didn’t want to have to go through that. Crazy, I know.

    It is good to hear that Rory is slowly getting his mojo back…and it only gets better!

    I love seeing pictures of him! He is so darn cute!!

    Please send our condolences to Wilbur”s family. And tell them all about the Rainbow Bridge if they haven’t heard about it.

    Extra ear scratches to Rory!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  • jerry

    Rory you look fab! Don’t worry about that skin flap, your beautiful fur will cover it soon. Besides with those gorgeous eyes nobody is looking anywhere else.

    That is just tragic about Wilbur, we are soooo sorry. Tell his family the Tripawds community is sending lots of love & hugs their way.

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