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Rory's Journey

Rory, Tuxedo Cat, battles forepaw tumor with amputation

Rory's Journey

Rory’s Day 4 and Several More.

February 18th, 2015 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

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The computer at my home got sick, and a new one had to be procured, so I wasn’t able to dictate to this blog for several eventful days.  This also means no neat photos in this post.

What I don’t believe I mentioned earlier is that the docs shot me up with a seven-day pain medication, timed release sort of thing.  They also shot me up with antibiotics to last the same amount of days.  So it’s no wonder I’m not a bundle of life right away.  Plus there’s that collar…

At any rate, Mom and I took notes so you can follow along in my progress.

Day Four: 

I finally slept — briefly — on my amputated side.  The other side still feels like the side to sleep on.

That night, mom FINALLY brought me some Fancy Feast.  I jump up just as the pull tab starts to get lifted.  Mind you, pull-tab cat food is RARE in this house, but I know what I know.  We felines — at least myself and CeeCee — can tell the difference between a can opener on, say, canned tomato paste, and a can opener on something worthy to be known as FOOD!

PS:  there’s another good thing about sister CeeCee’s absence.  Mom can tell exactly how much I eat and drink, and how often I do Number One and Number Two.  She seemed awfully nosy about that!  I’m doing all four functions, although not as much as at one time.

Day Five: 

More Fancy Feast, please!

I don’t like being massaged or scratched today.  With the exception of behind the ears.  Behind the ears is always pleasurable!  I think I’m getting sensitive, or the pain med thing is beginning to wear off.

Day Six: 

Occasionally that evening, I cried out, a sharp cry.  The pain meds were definitely going away.  Mom never caught me in her eyesight when I did let out a cry, so I can’t tell her if it was because I’d just moved a certain way that I should not have.  It wasn’t remotely constant or regular, just simply like I was being reminded to be careful.

Day Seven:  (One Week, YAY!). 

When Mom got up the morning of Day Seven, I was all over her, all over her ankles.  Followed her everywhere, rubbing an ankle as well as I could.  Okay, she got the message:  more Fancy Feast.  I was alert again when she came home from work that evening — again more Fancy Feast!  But once before she went to work I again gave a sharp cry, another spasm of pain.

In the evening, Cee Cee came home.  I rested a lot, and we both pretty much ignored each other.  I’m no longer experiencing overt pain.  Not that I’m talking about.  CeeCee was much more interested in Mom than in me, which suited me just dandy.

Day Eleven — TODAY!:

I got my stitches out, and the collar came off!  I have this weird bit of skin hanging down which looks like a pouch — the vet says sometimes that happens, and often but not always it gets re-absorbed or something.  Mom’s going to look into this further.  The incision itself is healing up nicely — a little bit of expected fluid here and there, and neither mom nor I are concerned about that in particular.  I can’t wait for my fur to grow back!  My new nickname is “Hoppy”, because that’s how I walk.  I’m actually walking a lot better than either of us expected so soon.

CeeCee did get a bit snippy over dinner tonight — she swatted at me and I couldn’t swat back.  Normally, I would have.

Before surgery I weighed 11 pounds, eight ounces.  Today, I weighed in at 10 pounds, 2 ounces.  That’s a pound and six ounces lost — although possibly some of it was a short term lack of appetite.

More later!



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  • rica55

    Rory! Sounds like you are doing so great!!!

  • rica55

    ok that was a test comment lol the last time I tried to comment it told me I was blocked from your blog 🙂
    so anyway….Rory! sounds like things are going very well!!!! Stitches out – YAY! Jill also had some sagginess and a little fluid it will go away. I’m glad you have your pal back, tell her to back off and not to give you any sass!
    All in all it sounds like things are going just as they did for Jill so you are right on track!!!! Post pics when you can!!!!!!!

  • stevethetripawdlady

    Esteban has a funny little pooch of skin. It’s becoming less and less obvious as his fur grows back.

    I’m so glad to hear that you’re getting around better! Have you started prairie dogging yet? As in getting up on your hind legs to reach for things, or even just to nudge mom? Esteban is an expert prairie dogger! Some of the other tri-kitty pawrents have suggested that prairie dogging helps to strengthen hind leg and core muscles.

  • Jo

    Elvis has the poochy skin as well. I guess it comes from the removal of the scapula or hip bone?

    Hang in there, Rory… the first two weeks are the hardest, and you’ve almost made it through.

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