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Rory's Journey

Rory, Tuxedo Cat, battles forepaw tumor with amputation

Rory's Journey

Day Four.

February 10th, 2015 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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I didn’t move much overnight.  I shift around in bed a bit. I’m not really hungry.  Mom got me up this morning about six AM,  and made me move around a bit, and put me on my potty.  I scooted back to bed.  But I had drunk up all my water.  I eased around into the kitchen while she prepared breakfast — see, mom, I do move??

I lumbered back to bed — the one I share with CeeCee, all beat up and all — but it’s not so nice and soft so I moved back to my new bead.  Then I got up and used the potty all on my own.  It’s still pretty awkward, but I can do it myself, mom.

Mom promises to pick up some canned cat food for me after work today.  I’m not real hungry, but then again, I’m not real active either, and probably with all that surgery and stuff, my tum isn’t quite up for it yet.  After all, I’m the household cat who is the usual suspect when someone around here has got to up-chuck.


Mom is back home and it is now dark out.  CeeCee is still not here.  This is probably just as well — the vets shot me up with time-release pain killers and I’m still not wanting to be active.  I mean, face-planting is so embarrasing — although it seems when I move now I am able to stop myself before my face hits the floor.

I like to sleep on my side that still has an arm.  I do shift around ever so often.

Mom has gotten into a “physical therapy” mode.  Sits me up in the bed.  Gentle scritches.  (Not near the incision but near the other legs.  I mean my existing legs.)  Brings me over to a chair and puts me on her lap and massages me.  Then, she cruelly puts me on the floor.  Sooner or later I do whatever it is I do to “walk” back to my bed.  She finalizes this by scritching, or maybe it is massaging me, while I’m back in my bed.

She is upset, though, that I don’t appear to have used the litter pan while she was out working today.

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2 Comments so far ↓

  • stevethetripawdlady

    Neither Steve nor Esteban got slow release pain meds or antibiotics, so I have no experience with those. What I do have experience with, and what I do know, is that kitties do things at their own pace 100% and I have total faith that you are doing that, Rory! I won’t tell mom not to worry, because that’s what we do as moms. However, I will say to have the same faith I do in a kitty’s need to get things done at his own pace…even if it’s a little slower than you’d like! 🙂 <3

  • jerry

    Hey Rory, don’t worry, you’re going to be back to normal soon. Feeling crappy is pretty routine with patients and your Mom is really on top of things so it’s only a matter of days before you’re feeling great again. Rest up and take advantage of all that lovin’.

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