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Rory's Journey

Rory, Tuxedo Cat, battles forepaw tumor with amputation

Rory's Journey

Day Three, Morning.

February 9th, 2015 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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Mom set me down on this nice new very soft bed yesterday, and I haven’t gone far afield since.  Just too much bother to try to walk, plus I’m feeling awfully subdued.  My bed is in the hallway, right outside of the bathroom.  I get my own bowl of water on my nightstand.  Er, nightfloor.

About as comfy as I'm going to get right now.

About as comfy as I’m going to get right now.  Oh, apparently you have to click on the photo to see my water bowl.  Mom doesn’t want to go resize the photo.

No, I didn’t sleep with Mom last night — if I decided to go wandering, her bed is higher up than average, and I’d probably fall and hurt myself.  I’m still in early stages of healing, after all.

I didn’t want the chicken she offered me — to tell you the truth, I prefer cat food to human food.  My kibble is just fine, thank you.

Oh, here’s my spiffy new litter pan!  She’s put litter on it, of course, and put it in our shared bathroom.  I’ll use it until I get the hang of having one less leg.

$8 at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

$8 at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  One-inch lip all around.  A lot less complicated than cutting a regular litter box for handicapped access.

Mom’s going to Work from Home today.  The snow (she says) is a mess and still coming down, even if not deep, and she figures a day with me might do me good anyway.


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  • benny55

    Awww. Rory, you are just precious!! I know this recovery is no fun, but you sure are being well cared for!

    A fine new bed and a fashionable litter box, a beautiful blue “scarf”……yeah…a very well cared for kitty!

    You’ll be getting all your sparkle back soon!

    Look forward to more adorable pics and good updates!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

    • rorycat

      And I finally used my new pan! I’m still hating face-planting so don’t move much today, but mom tries to tell me that things will get better. Thanks for the encouragement!

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